About Jet

Whitby Jet was undoubtedly one of the earliest gemstones used to create artefacts and items of jewellery and has a cultural heritage that extends back to early tool making man. It is the fossilized remains of a tree from the Jurassic period and is only found along a seven and a half mile stretch of the North Yorkshire coastline centered around Whitby where we are located.

In the following pages we have attempted to explain what jet is, describe how it was formed and give details of it's cultural history.

What is jet? - Jet, defined, including how it was formed and where it is found.

A Brief History of Jet - From the Stone age, through the peak of the carving industry in the Victorian era, to the present day.

Jet Mining - Jet mining on the North Yorkshire coastline including geology and history.

Victorian Jet Workshop - We are proud to host the last remaining example of an authentic Whitby Jet Heritage Centrehop shown here in pictures and text.