Combination Work

Mammoth ivory,amber and jet eyeThe following pieces represent some of our more contemporary work together with some unusual combinations. The lustrous black shine of Whitby Jet is a natural contrast to many other precious minerals. Here we have combined Jet with natural Amber which is the only other organic fossil that the world values. This creates a range that is both interesting and beautiful. The green of Malachite and the light shades of turquoise are also successfully combined. Just recently we have located a small amount of Mammoth ivory and this too presents a natural contrast which is given an extra cachet when a 180 million old fossil is combined with the ivory from a magnificent but now extinct creature. We do not use currently available elephant ivory for personal ethical reasons but feel that the use of Mammoth is justified as the creature has been extinct for many thousands of years. We hope to add to this range as we experiment creatively with other combinations. All our Whitby Jet jewellery comes with a certificate of authenticity and further designs will be found in the 'Victorian' style, and ammonite inlay pages. As with all our work we are happy to discuss any specific requirements, please e-mail us to discuss other options. If there are any items that you are interested in just click the order button, you will be able to delete and refine your selection later at the checkout page.