Ammonite Inlay Work

The fossil ammonite Dactylioceras commune is found in the same seven and a half miles of North Yorkshire coast as the jet. These were a common sea creature in Jurassic times and are the same age as the Jet, some 180 million years old. When they are carefully cut in half with a diamond saw the growth chambers of the creature are revealed. These are now filled with calcite and some pyrites and polish up beautifully, everyone being unique. Here at the Victorian Jet Works we take these fossils and inlay them into Jet to produce a unique range of jewellery. Sometimes we find a small ammonite which has been perfectly fossilised and if very carefully cut in half results in a pair, left and right, these can then be made into eardrops or studs. The difficulty of obtaining very small ammonites of this kind make this type of jewellery all the more rare. Ammonite inlay is used in the following range of brooches, pendants, and eardrops and as usual we are happy to accommodate any specific r . equirements when possible. All our Whitby Jet jewellery comes with a certificate of authenticity and further designs will be found from time to time on the 'Victorian' style page. If there are any items that you are interested in just click the order button. You will be given an opportunity to delete and refine your selection later at the checkout