The Whitby Winkle

Whitby WinklesThe Periwinkle, (littorea littorina) is a shellfish native to the North Yorkshire coastline. The Victorian Jet Works has cast this simply beautiful little shell in solid silver and set the 'eye' with genuine Whitby Jet which is found exclusively in and around seven and a half miles of this coastline. The elegant right-hand spiral of the shell is a shape that is mirrored throughout the world in many natural forms, and for centuries humankind has borrowed this design and incorporated it into good luck talismans and charms. Sunwise or clockwise spirals are traditionally thought to bestow protection upon and bring luck to the wearer. Indeed, so strong was this belief that for many years in Whitby and the North, fishermen would always attempt to reach the safety of their harbour in a sunwise direction, whatever the weather!

More Whitby WinklesAnother curiosity of the periwinkle's shape is that when viewed from the base, the black jet 'eye' and the surrounding silver form the 'yin-yang' symbol, which represents the complementary principles of Eastern philosophy. Their interaction is thought to maintain the harmony of the universe and to influence everything within it. We 'cross fingers' or 'touch wood' for luck and never unfurl an umbrella in the house, this together with an almost universal dread of Friday the Thirteenth ensures that these customs remain as a sort of supplement to the various national faiths. In our 'enlightened' age when so much of our life is governed by the scientific there is still a part of the human psyche that yearns for the romance and the spirituality of an earlier time. Will these ancient charms bring good fortune to you?

Supplied with an 18" silver chain and our certificate of authenticity.

Will your Wonderful Whitby Winkle
Weave its Web of Wellbeing around your World?

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