Our philosophy can be summed up in 4 key points; integrity, locality, heritage, and passion. We believe it is these things that set us apart from other businesses.

The integrity of the locality of our material is what drives us. We use genuine Whitby jet and only ever Whitby jet in every piece we produce. This rare and beautiful gemstone is found in the UK uniquely along an 8 mile stretch of coastline.

Our workshop and shop is situated in Whitby at the end of the historic Church street, near the bottom of the famous 199 steps. All of our jet is hand carved meaning that each piece is made with care and craftsmanship. We handcraft a range of genuine Whitby jet jewellery, specialising in traditional Victorian carved work. We also design and make contemporary pieces as well as stunning one off designs. In addition to creating original pieces we also undertake restoration work and rethreading of jet beads.

We are proud to house the last remaining example of an authentic Victorian jet workshop. The workshop was discovered by chance by a builder in Burns Yard, Whitby. The workshop was first registered in 1876 in White's industrial directory of North Yorkshire. More information about the workshop can be found on our Victorian workshop page. 


Hal Redvers Jones - Heritage Jet Whitby

Hal Redvers-Jones has been carving Whitby jet and restoring victorian pieces for 30 years and can be considered a true craftsman. He has always had a passion and fascination with the creation of small items of beauty. Small wonders that served to inspire and encouraged him to acquire and develop his jewellery skills all those years ago. His expertise and skill in traditional jet carving techniques sits along side his constantly evolving passion for modern and innovative jet design.


Alec MacKenzie (1933-2010) was one of those fortunate souls who found his passion in life and indulged it. Grandfather of Imogen and father in Law to Hal, he was and still remains a much loved and respected inspiration. He had an abiding passion for Whitby and for Whitby jet and took early retirement to develop his growing interest in the carving of jet jewellery. This interest first started when he took a night school course in geology and learned of Whitby jet. Little did he know this was to open up a whole new chapter of his life. He spent many happy days scouring the beaches for his elusive raw material and many more happy hours in his workshop. Although his beach combing was severely curtailed in later years by arthritis his enthusiasm for his beloved jet and keenness to develop his carving skills never diminished .

Alec MacKenzie - Whitby Jet
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Imogen Redvers-Jones is the third generation of our family to work with Whitby jet. Rather unsurprisingly she has inherited a deep affinity for this gemstone.  She hopes to combine this love with enthusiasm, creativity and a fresh perspective to produce new and individual pieces of jewellery.