A design totally exclusive to us the Whitby winkle drops are a perfect solid silver casting of a periwinkle shell. The periwinkle is naitive to the North Yorkshire coastline and has long been used as a good luck charm. The elegant right-hand clockwise spiral of the shell is traditionally thought to bestow protection upon and bring luck to the wearer. Another curiosity of the periwinkle's shape is that when viewed from the base, the black jet 'eye' and the surrounding silver form the 'Yin-Yang' symbol. Yin-Yang represents the opposite but complimentary and interconnecting forces of the natural world. These drops perfectly match our Whitby Winkle pendant. Will your wonderful Whitby winkle weave it's web of wonder around your world?

  • Materials: Genuine Whitby jet and 925 sterling silver.
  • Hook drop fitting.

The Whitby Winkle Drops

SKU: SD031