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Planning an educational visit for your school or youth group? We offer a 45 minute session that includes an interactive talk and is followed by a guided tour of our Victorian jet workshop.


The interactive talk can be catered to the age of your group. The session involves a discussion about what Whitby jet is, a simple overview of the geology and history of jet in Britain and of course a guided tour of the last remaining Victorian Whitby jet workshop. To make the talk engaging and interactive I pass jet samples around to be handled and encourage the group to join in by asking questions. The group will also learn how to find and identify Whitby jet on the beach. 

We charge £3 per child (we do not charge the supervising adults). Due to the period nature of our property and for the safety of your group we ask that large groups are split into groups of up to 15 for the session and that adequate adult supervision is provided. 


Are you interested in Whitby, history, jewellery or British heritage? Why not consider booking a private talk and guided tour.

This 45 minute - 1 hour session includes an in depth discussion about Whitby jet where you can learn about the formation of this fantastic British gemstone, its usage throughout history and the modern application of jet carving today. You will get the opportunity to view and handle extremely rare fossil specimens of Whitby jet and some antique Victorian pieces of jet jewellery not usually on view to the public.


You will then take a guided tour of the last remaining Victorian jet workshop and learn about its discovery, contents and the methods used in Victorian jet carving. Whilst in the workshop we will take the opportunity to talk about the fashions of the era and rise and fall of the Victorian jet industry. All questions are welcomed and the session can be catered to your particular interests. 


We charge £30 per group up to 15 people. Discounts for multiple groups are available please reach out for more details. 

To book please ring the shop on 01947 821530 and ask to speak with Imogen or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Thanks! Message sent.

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